Early Intervention Near Me

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Effective early intervention can help prevent or address problems before they occur. It also helps children develop many personal strengths and skills that prepare them for adulthood.

Early intervention takes many forms, including home visiting programs to support vulnerable parents, school-based programs to improve children’s social and emotional skills, and mentoring for youth at risk of crime. While some have argued that early intervention has the strongest impact in the first years of life, the best evidence shows that effective interventions improve children’s chances of survival at any time during childhood and adolescence.

Early Intervention Near Me

Early Intervention Near Me

Watch our 2-minute presentation on early intervention and the role it plays in supporting children, young people and families who need it most.

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We have a better understanding of the risk factors that threaten children’s development, limit future social and economic opportunities, and increase the likelihood of mental and physical health problems later in life, involvement in crime, drugs, exploitation, and violence. These factors exist in the child’s environment at different levels – individual, family, community and society – and interact in a complex manner.

Protective factors are individual, family, community, and social characteristics and conditions that reduce these risks and increase the health and well-being of children and families. In many cases, risk and protective factors are two sides of the same coin: for example, poor mental health in parents may be a risk to children’s health, while parental mental health may be a protective factor against other negative outcomes. . Behavior problems or poor academic performance.

These risk factors are not descriptive or predictive at the individual level: they cannot tell exactly which children and young people need help. But they can help us identify vulnerable children who need extra help. Research shows that early intervention in children, based on pre-identified risk, has the best results.

Many families need help beyond universal services such as schools and GPs. Early intervention works best when targeted specifically at families or individuals on a selective or targeted basis.

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As early intervention moves from universal to targeted selection, interventions become more intensive and are offered to fewer families.

Early intervention approaches often focus on supporting four key areas of child development—physical, cognitive, behavioral, and social and emotional—that have the potential to make the greatest changes and benefits throughout a person’s life.

Early intervention targets three key additional “threats” to child development that are strongly associated with negative outcomes in adolescence and adulthood: child abuse, substance abuse, and sexually risky behaviors.

Early Intervention Near Me

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