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Leaders of an international program for the study of the coronavirus far from Boston, their students go to fight against the coronavirus, their daily lives are uplifted, they share their personal stories.

According to the Director of International Study Programs in Padua and Venice, Elisabetta Conventolast found herself next to “the center of the world’s deadliest coronavirus epidemic.”

Universities To Study Abroad

Universities To Study Abroad

The non-stop shuttling between two Italian cities, making sure that the prices and his staff are good in both places, he is so tired that after the university has recalled all the students from abroad and he knows that you are safe at home, “I finally fell I won’t deny it. ,” he said. Now you have to ignore your values ​​and personal connections with your colleagues and focus on your own needs and the emotional toll of being forced to stay at home.

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He found a moment of relief during a video call with the assistant director of education in Italy. Convento looked over her co-worker’s shoulder to see the woman’s children making a table net with rope hanging from the tennis court in the bedroom.

It’s in these small virtual moments and the everyday pleasures of life that Study Abroad faculty and staff find ways to navigate the stressful, exhausting, and isolating semester that carries the trusty songs of the school year.

Program leaders first feared for the health of their students during the devastating pandemic, then had to say goodbye to those students after canceling the residential portion of all study abroad programs.

Due to travel restrictions, international faculty and staff are unable to regularly travel to the United States to see colleagues and, in some cases, family members. Many live their lives in a global lockdown.

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Before February was out, the residential portion of the Italian programs was canceled and nearly 40 students went home. Convento said, “It’s been over a month since we were sent home with burns, and it makes me very sad for the students, the activities we did with them, and the trips we took.”

He didn’t worry about being sick; he observes all the precautions of medicine, and Padua, he says, has the best hospital attached to one of the oldest medical schools in the world. The separation is most poignant: the Italian professor, a 20-year veteran of the school, is not teaching this semester, so he’s not even remotely in touch with his charges.

And although Italy is his home, “I miss two or three trips to Boston a year, when I have the opportunity to connect with colleagues, teachers and many students. I usually meet with our students when I come to Boston. I had to cancel my trip to campus twice this spring.

Universities To Study Abroad

His way of life has been remote work, which he calls “our virtual office life…the real joy of checking in on ourselves and our family.” He and his colleagues in the program talk on the phone every day, and “our Thursday staff meetings have become a family reunion.” “We spend some time talking about what we’re cooking, how the kids are doing, and how difficult it is for them to be at home and work at home and have families there,” she said. sin

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“I’ve been happy with the work so far,” including numerous phone calls and video conferences with colleagues in Italy, Europe and Boston, about how he’s handled online teaching and other violence. “It’s definitely a way to feel alone,” she said. “Now we have an even bigger community of colleagues helping each other out every day.”

When not working: “I cook, clean the house, shop once a week with a mask and gloves, I use a small terrace to grow plants and get fresh air, I studied. It’s a good time to get in touch with your loved ones, so we have weekly WhatsApp or Skype meetings with families spread across Italy. Tonight we will have a WhatsApp aperitif! “

Connellan first taught in Sydney in 1992 and has been the program director since 2004. He said this semester was a class he hadn’t seen all of.

“At this stage, it is difficult to process the various thoughts and feelings that have arisen over the past month,” he said. Before the pandemic, the world’s disaster news was all about the devastating, unpredictable fires ravaging Australia, and while Sydney wasn’t threatened, Connellan said students were busy fundraising and restoring the land. they became famous. With the arrival of COVID-19, Sydney joined other study abroad sites whose residential programs were forced to close. He said: “We have received this news with sadness and concern.” After six days, every student who could fly home did so.

Study Abroad Program Directors On Coping With Coronavirus, Far From Boston

Sydney time is 14 hours ahead of Beantown. t Connellan is an early riser. “Five in the morning in Sydney is the end of the weekend in Boston,” so during a pandemic, lots of emails, texts, calls, and high-stakes meetings are “just right.” To be honest, I don’t know the number. “Maybe,” he said.

He and his teachers and staff are enjoying interacting with students through distance learning, and Australia seems to have spread the coronavirus way, so he doesn’t worry about his family or personal safety. He continues to practice and help his children with distance learning. t bug affected your performance. Only he and the program manager entered the office; their colleagues work at home.

And regular travel is another injury. He said: “I usually visit at least twice a year, and I also visit our relatives in the US at least once a year. “It’s obviously not going to happen in the short term.”

Universities To Study Abroad

From double majoring in French language and literature and international relations to her current role directing research at City of Light, Pontbriand has worked between Massachusetts and France since graduation, including a short detour to get her master’s degree. and in Middlery College.

Study Abroad In Rome At John Cabot University

Pontbriand and his staff were outraged at the dismissal of their students. Most live in one bedroom with a private bathroom, which is a blessing in terms of avoiding the crowds. “However, some students live in dormitories with older women,” he said, “and for them it is also dangerous to expose students who may be asymptomatic.”

“It was very frustrating to be able to answer students’ questions and not be able to answer them,” Pontbriand recalls. “There is a lot of pressure from students and parents to know when or if programs will be canceled.” He understands their concern, his two daughters are finishing college and he wants them home and safe until the virus gets out of control or travel restrictions are reinstated.

“We have a very young staff who still have children, so the extra pastoral care for students over 70 is not something we can manage,” she said. When we were in constant communication, the time difference “made a 16-hour day, but we kept up communication with Boston until 11 p.m. in French.”

Today? “Honestly, I don’t feel well at all. It is a great relief to make sure that all students are home. It is also useful to know that there will be no emergency call in the middle of the night. My daily train journey was delayed by 100 minutes. I eat three meals a day with my family, exercise and talk to my family in America twice a week. The pace of my daily life is very healthy. I live in France all year round; I am lucky that both my daughters and my husband are safe at home.” Having monthly Zoom meetings with other leaders and spending weekends in the backyard is also a joy.

Study Abroad At Swinburne University

He worried about his parents and family in Rhode Island and didn’t know when he would see them again. Neither his family nor their neighborhood in Paris have the coronavirus, and they are taking the same precautions that most people do, from buying groceries online to staying at home.

As for the future, Elisabetta Convento says there is comfort in the classic Italian past. According to him, the final stages of Dante students in business information systems (BIS), BINUS can choose to spend the last two semesters in these universities to obtain a double or master’s degree.

QUT is a major Australian university with a strong emphasis on applied research. Based in Brisbane, it has 40,000 students, including 6,000 undergraduates, over 4,000 staff and an annual budget of over A$750 million. QUT is ranked in the top 10 universities in Australia and in the top 3% of universities in the world.

Universities To Study Abroad

With over 30,000 students from over 130 countries, Northumbria University is one of the UK’s largest and most successful universities. Northumbria has a rich history dating back to the colleges of the late nineteenth century. Offering the most courses

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